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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 of 2014 Is The Best Than Its Previous Sequel

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 of 2014 is the best one than the previous film according to me. This film is directed by Marc Webb, and flooding using the belief that we've got to and will be impressed again. David: This is the last sequel Spider Man account the large amount of vaccine Spidey flying through, around and through the Big Apple. Spiderman / Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), dealing with an avalanche of problems in life, such as a variety of criminals who are willing to do. And it is also a surprise.

Rector of the villain is Electro (Jamie Foxx), who has the power to black for the entire city of New York, which has spread from absorbing the cost of electricity is in your hands. The opponent is close friends with Harry Osborn Spidey (Dane DeHaan) who has (a Alert SPOILER) Green Goblin. And this is incredibly stupid by Paul Giamatti as Aleksei Sytsevich, Cheating "Avatar" parading around in a giant body.

The principle avid gamers are generally below to help you, unaffected through the past day trip: Phil Garfield can be Peter Parker, in any other case acknowledged as Spider-Man (just add spandex); Emma Stone can be Gwen Stacy, the on-off lover; and Sally Field is Aunt May, a new clever along with kindly heart, however certainly not clever ample to exercise precisely why, for the one particular situation while John p really does his very own clothes, anything spins crimson along with orange.

Peter continues to bother dear sweet Aunt May (Sally Field) to reveal what knows about the disappearance of their parents years ago when I was a young child. And, of course, is the on-again, off again relationship with the beautiful Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone).

How bad Spidey / Peter keep your sanity through all this? Well, they really have a hard time dealing with it, in fact, Peter sees in this movie sobbing longer than other superhero ever put together in celluloid-. We do not want our superheroes! No tears serialized superhero!

Jeanne lost "TASM2", because of a trip to France, but from the beginning it was a scene that includes a reversal of Richard Parker (Campbell Scott). The murder exposed to a potential, only to turn back to the semi-conscious and attack again. This outrageous plot weakness is endless movies, and we can only discredit screenwriter Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci this unpardonable device.

When the final result of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is that it is very long and very expensive ($ 200 million budget, which would certainly have and then some). Call me an old eccentric, but if you've seen a movie of Spider-Man, you've seen them all ....

For you to clear away New York City of criminal offenses, nudists along their strategies similar to Tarzan in the loops involving grape vine, even though staying thoroughly unfit to be with all the delicates never-ending cycle with a appliance argues a unique list of points, along with Garfield consumes almost all of the video hunting profoundly perplexed, his pretty deal with scrunched way up while using ache involving indecision.

Sometimes that will as well as the hypersensitivity are generally participating in way up. My spouse and i missing count number in the views through which Gwen along with John p thrash out and about your problem involving no matter whether they must be one or two, along with you will find there's sigh involving comfort inside theatre while the girl, implementing precisely what philosophers would likely call up a new performative utterance, affirms just, “I split along, ” making people for you to speculate in case the girl drags a similar key while having sex: “And currently many of us tactic your orgasmic pleasure. ” It's unlikely that any involving this could be beneficial to Peter’s bonhomie, along with, uncommonly for the follow up, the figure definitely seems to be planning backward.

He lives accustomed to May possibly; they applied to experience a employment as being a wedding photographer, nevertheless containing pale; we see him graduate as well as Gwen, nevertheless even though the girl does apply pertaining to even more reports in Oxford, they is placed all-around along with routines the moping. He’s a erratic mix of stasis along with overkill; a new continual Eeyore whom, while work cell phone calls, secretes the inside Tigger. The thinking behind only receiving in using your life, at the standard tempo, has not been recently involving worry on the Amazing head.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Trailer

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Shailene Woodley shows Upinzani Amazing Spider-Man 2 Removal

So many of these problems was poor Emma Stone, first in the role of Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man cast of Marc Webb and now its sequel, Amazing Spider-Man 2 How to tell in detail about the character that you hired to play when almost anything can said to be considered a spoiler? On the first press tour for The Amazing Spider-Man, Stone appeared in handcuffs and Studio. In this go around, he was able to speak more freely about Gwen effect on Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), and the developing series in general. We have kept this part of the interview with Emma Stone, because she speaks openly of Gwen Stacy, which means that the spoiler. Stop reading if you have not seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and will not spoil.

Let's start with a question, how the stone knew the fate of her character, and if they agreed to be his decision to play Gwen Stacy in the first place, affected. My son is 10 years old, PJ loved many scenes with Emma Stone, but he did what he held most famous films. And asking this question PJ Emma Stone, what he really wanted from Amazing Spider-Man for its sequel, Spider-Man 2 can lead The Amazing One of the great things when a party journalist to find. It is a legitimate "That's a good question" from the star. To see PJ get one of Emma Stone is one of the highlights of my professional work. By the end of this response, it was very fascinated us all. Amazing Spider-Man 2 is in theaters today.

If even after the credit sequences in the film is pretty standard comic book character was at this stage of the genre, such as Amazing Spider-Man 2 is to get rid of them is very different from anything we've seen. In addition to the graphics a step towards the identification of evil, we can see, in the end, life in the next Sinister Six movie spin-off clip also brought into practice by competition from blockbusters to be X-Men: Days of Future old man, who is in a few weeks. It's definitely exceptional circumstances, but only if you do not see Spidery sequel in theaters this past weekend, X-Men Clip snow has arrived online.

Which led us to IGN, the video in the U.S. Army in Vietnam, where soldiers basis as Havok (Lucas Up), the frog (Evan Jonigkeit) seems to have begun, ink and four mutant always ready to finish their tour House and after. Wolverine: what it does in X-Men Origins - Unfortunately, this from a young William Styker (Josh HELMAN), who wants the drug on them until interrupted mutants and experiments. The plans are Styker defects, however, and in-disguise Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), who goes to kick some serious ass.

Strangely, this is not the first one who saw clips from X-Men: Future Past Day, which presents the struggle between mysticism and Stryker. Just last week, she was still in another series where whupped mutant female soldier and another person provided in the room with him If you're curious to know why X-Men clip appears at the end of Spider-Man movie, there is actually a very simple explanation. As we learned last month, director Marc Webb has signed a film with Fox Searchlight after make (500) Days of Summer, but was forced to go back on that agreement when he signed for Amazing Spider-Man franchise. To make things even, Sony and Fox agree that Sony would have the Amazing Spider-Man 2 for use with a little 'free advertising for X-Men: The Future of the Past - clips you see above. So if you were hoping that this is a sign that Spider-Man and X-Men were always willing to collaborate on the screen; Sorry to disappoint. At least we are getting and this deleted scene from the first film X-Men: X-Men: Days of future times in the theaters past its May 23.

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"The Amazing Spider-Man 2": 0 days since last accident Os-corp

There is no reason that still do not try, we are all set and soul furnished by the previous Spider films, and a little ' input tax liability can get the budget under $ 200 million. About Amazing Spider - Man 2 cost, say, $ 180 million (the usual budget Marvel movie on Disney ) and produces everything from $ 140 million to promote, would only need $ 600 million strategy to break the tie, must a series of films to overcome soon. 

Yes, it is a bit ' incredible that the future of Spider-Man movies are much cheaper than the ' last connection might be, but do a lot of Hollywood blockbusters each year at a cost of more acceptable. Heck, no Michael Bay Transformers movie doomsday has come in less than $ 200 million so far, and it seems much more complicated for the big screen Autobots than does a skinny guy in his pajamas full swing around the city. Not true on - line talent on board of these films (compared to Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, who has been negotiating for top dollar in the previous films ), had cost so much these images is definitely irresponsible.This company can continue with less money and a little ' more ingenuity. 

The adaptation of a cartoon character from the page to the projection screen is a long procedure, as the film producer have to determine the best direction to make something for fans of comedians, as well as leastways a small ' naturalistic. Artists put to try out calculate that will play, and as just one intention will be taken at the goal of the day, it is however interesting to see what could give been. Today we have the chance with two firearms of concept art from The Amazing Spider -Man Rhino 2.Much as The Awing Spider - Man 2, as a whole, shows the design on top - Crush revealed by the screen - actually resembles the design version was Ultimate Spider - man comics. In addition to replacing the rhino skin metal design appears this clumsy, but also a human being - similar shape ( the receiver directly to the helmet ). 

design and actually looks more like something Tony Stark would. I think Aleksei face would be revealed during the "horns," which sounds more like a hammer toothed nothing. In the end, none of these structures used in the film and Marc Webb and his Amazing Spider - Man 2 team went with something different for the star Paul Giamatti as many fans have complained seem Transformers - Style: It's about having a debate interesting - you made the finished version of Rhino in the Amazing Spider - Man 2, or prefer one of the other two designs into the film? 

You never forget your first love. This explains why fans of Spider -Man - those who started reading comics hero soon - never really deep love of Peter Parker got his first girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. Marc Webb’s decision to go with Gwen and Mary Jane Watson in his story begins Spidey, The Amazing Spider -Man, has led to rampant speculation that we might one day see Gwen saga played on the big screen. Of course, this hope has led to all sorts of problems. have preferred to see one of these other two designs end up in the movie? You never forget your first love. Which helps explain why Spider-Man fans – the ones who started reading the hero’s comics early on – never really got over the deep crush Peter Parker had on his initial girlfriend, Gwen Stacy? Marc Webb’s decisions go with Gwen over Mary Jane Watson in his rebooted Spider story. 

Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 finally opened in American theaters afterward getting off to a hot start overseas. The continuation of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s saga trusted an estimated $92 million over the weekend, giving Spider-Man fans the find to meet Electro (Jamie Foxx), find out such goes on to Harry Osborn and continue the travel with star-crossed lovers Peter Parker and Gwen Staff.

There's a very specific reason why I now consider Webb’s film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, to be the best Spider motion picture we've seen to date. Part of it is the best. Part of it’s the action. Part of, it is the chemistry of the leads. But there’s a major sequence I needed to see on screen, and Webb delivered. To expose why here would be to spoil. But if you have seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2, watch the above video of the Monday Movie Memo and join the speech.

May traditionally marks the start of the summer blockbuster season. This weekend The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swung into theaters to complain things off, but depending on however you look at it, the first sequel in the rebooted franchise either got things started with a bang or a pop. After spending two weeks raking in $277 million elsewhere in the world, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 banked $92 million domestically on its opening weekend. That's certainly a solid number, still by top tier super hero motion picture standards, and it's the second highest four weekends debut weekend of the year so far, just a bit behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier and its $95 million opening ago.

But it's not much of an improvement versus its predecessor and still well below Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, the first go-round for the dealership. The first Amazing Spider-Man had a first-five day total (it opened on a Tuesday, deflating its first step weekend) of just under $120 million. This continuation will struggle to couple that five-day total and is set to fall short its predecessor's $262 million inland amount.

The openings of the new rebooted films are yet weaker when compared with Raimi's original trilogy, all from which had five-day opening totals between $130 million and $170 million and domestic totals over $300 million. For even more than perspective, remember those amounts were earned back when ticket prices were lower and sales numbers weren't boosted by 3D prices.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Full Movie Review, New TV Spot & Trailer

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Full Movie Review: #

Screenplay by Alex Kurtzman , Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner. Story screen give Alex Kurtzman , Roberto Orica Jeff Pinkner eee James Vanderbilt. Based on the Marvel Comic Book by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko email. With so many titles to choose from, Netflix Instant library is overwhelming. So we bring biweekly column quest as a Tool to cut the clutter , highlighting some streaming now and Securities COMBINE well with the latest versions theater.

Looking for The Amazing Spider - Man 2, Belle and neighbors for the' inspiration, we've put together a selection of superhero adventures, furniture ' era, romantic and hard -R comedies. Peter Parker met with and Old Friends and make new enemies in his latest adventure Spider- Man Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx and Date DeHaan star; Marc Webb directs...

For more superhero power, do a marathon with some action-packed Marvel movie and the fortunes of one of the strangest slogan crime fighter ever expressed.

Spider- Man (2002) Before Andrew Garfield Peter Parker was Romancing Gwen Stacy , Tobey Maguire was appropriate and seduce Mary Jane Watson. Here Maguire as a new high school lanky as trust, new powers, and ( of course ) new responsibilities with a bite from a radioactive spider AIMS find the stars Supers Powers and a higher calling. Kirsten Dunst and Sam Raimi directs James Franco co-star.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 TV Spot "A New Era"

The Avengers (2012) Another Marvel enterprise that's final battle centers in New York City, The Avengers unites Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Hawkeye, The Black Widow, Thor and Captain America to take on the chaos-loving god Loki. Dive in and discover why this is a crowd pleaser that just gets better with every re-watching. Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffle, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johannson, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans star; Joss Whedon directs. Based on the popular comic turned animated series, The Tick follows his regular superhero and cheese and his assistant Arthur always nervous on journeys of heroism and chaos of every day. David Burke, Nestor Carbonyl and Liz Vesey co - star.

Well, this is not good. Last weekend, The Amazing Spider - Man 2 opened for a tidy $ 92 million. They are monstrous numbers, sure, but a breath in Captain America: The Winter Soldier for the biggest opening of the year. And abroad , the figures are strong, a potential threat to $ 500 million, if the pace continues , and at any time your movie can come close to half a billion out of America, is impressive.

But a closer look reveals that Sony has five times Spider-Man pulled off so far, and the last two films show a downward trend. It$ 92 million songs take seriously not only provöppningen2007 Spider - Man 3, but also the $ 115 million made by Sam Rime Non - 3D Spider - Man on the same weekend for twelve years ago. The Amazing Spider- Man was the lowest grossing film in the series, and this Next would still form pig weak, despite the receipt of the big weekend at the box office of the year recovery. This is a captive of hope for Sony's plans show that there is a third and fourth film in the series delay program for 2016 and 2018, and Venom intention to spin-off and the left six films in the coming years. The study has sung have Spidey films each years, with a little ' study of waiting one billion U.S. dollars worldwide gross for this post. Obviously, there will be incident on the everything, and Sony should consider their options if they want to remain viable wall crawler.

So, what can they do? Here are five bold options: down the pike, four blackberries movies with Spidey that can make half- a-billion Worldwide each, at least. But it's Suggested That Amazing Spider -Man 2 cost $ 250 million, with an additional $ 180 million spent on marketing. If those numbers are accurate, then the new film would have to gross in the neighborhood of $800 million worldwide to generate theatrical profit. Fortunately, while it will probably fall short of that benchmark, the film will ultimately register Solid numbers in ancillary markets like TV deals and merchandising. 

So smart business says there's still a lot of life in Spider-Man. It 'important to note that the original design of The Amazing Spider-Man was much smaller, much cheaper new photo. Even the mega-budget film Sam Raimi is no reason that still unproven, there is a core set and all designed by the previous Spidey films, and added a bit 'of financial responsibility can get the budget under $ 200 million . How Amazing Spider-Man 2 the cost, say, $ 180 million (mostly Marvel budget Disney film) and produces everything from $ 140 million to develop, would only need $ 600 million strategy to break the same, number of films without crossing  soon.

Yes, it's a bit implausible that future Spider-Man films could be that much cheaper than the recent entry, but Hollywood makes lots of blockbusters each year at a more responsible cost. Heck, Michael Bay has brought each apocalyptic Transformers movie in underneath $200 million thus far, and it seems far more complicated to put the AutoCAD onscreen than it does a skinny guy in full-bodied pajamas swinging around the city. Without the - line real talent on board of these films (compared to Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst , which speaks to the dollar in the previous film ) , these images very cost significantly irresponsible. 

This company can proceed with little money and a little ' more ingenuity. Adaptation of the cartoon character from the page to the silver screen is a long process , as the filmmakers try to find the best way to create something familiar comic book fans , as well as at least a little ' true. The artists are set to work trying to figure out what to play, and when only one design will be chosen at the end of the day , it is still interesting to see what they could . Today we had the chance of two pieces of concept art from The Amazing Spider -Man Rhino 2.Much as Amazing Spider - Man 2, in general, the design of the display - Crush clear and Screen - actually bet heavily on the issue which consisted of Ultimate Spider-Man comic invention . In the face of increased rhinovirus replace hide with metal, this design appears to be looming, but also more human-like in shape (with the car horn attached now to the helmet). Checking out the Ultimate reading from the coming under:

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Trailer:

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2: What We Expected Up to now

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - the great movie of this year. We expected a lot much more from this film, what we've got till now is really good. As a big kid I will say I love this film very much as much I expected; I got more than that. I went to hall and spend a lot for this film to watch. Wide big screen is fantastic that can't compared to this 21 or 56 inch monitor. Anyway no way to forget this film because the superhero Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone are very young and smart so far, the director Marc Webb is also very smart who invented this extra ordinary idea and implemented for the world.

That quotation, boasted in the most recent trailers for Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, is assigned to Norman Osborn, although it also is being divided by administrators at Sony as they map the future for Parker, Spider-Man and the remunerative superhuman enfranchisement. Starting with Webb’s future film, the studio decided to produce 2 more sequels at any rate, with talks of byproduct films being floated on a daily basis. Sony’s plan is to have a new Amazing Spider-Man movie in theaters every year… a model being mapped out by Disney for its Star Wars dealership, as well. 

But we have to beginning with Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 full movie download free, first, as it opens in a few weeks on May 2. What do we love about the sequel, so far? Quite lot, really. Start with the modish semitrailer:

Webb has told us in sole questions that Peter Parker has grown confident – and likely a little cocky – in the Spider-Man suit by the time Amazing Spider-Man 2 starts. The source story is behind us, thanks to the 2012 dealership reboot, and Peter has produced into a champion who now defends the city of Manhattan. You almost get the feel that, with the source story over, the dealership can eventually get going. Whichever is why the laugh line on the postings hopes, "His greatest battle places?" But who will he defend?

Sony has been bugging a flock of possible villains in the future), but the mains scoundrel in Amazing Spider-Man 2 – according to Webb – has always been Electro At the start, Max Dillon will be a mild-mannered, nearly-invisible Osculate employee who has an odd enthrallment with Spider-Man. But a tragic lab accident plunges Max into a vat of electric eels, giving him the power to control electricity. Recent trailers hint at a major battle in New York’s touristy Times Square, while the film might conclude at a massive OsCorp power plant … from what we have been hearing.

Knowing that he has to start setting the seeds for a Sinister Six movie, Webb will introduce supporting villains played by major actors in Amazing Spider-Man 2. So we get views of Paul Giamatti as Russian gangster Sytsevich, who will be an early sticker in Peter’s side. I’m guessing that – after a damaging car chase through New York City – Aleksei will be incarcerated, where OsCorp will get its hands on the maniac, turning him into the Rhino. There are shots of Giamatti in a pre-product "suit," and quick snips of a metallic Rhino in the trailers. However much Rhino we get in Spidey 2 is an open wonder. But you don’t cast Giamatti for a cameo.

Rounding off our main villains for Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be Peter’s puerility friend and new nemesis, Harry (Dane DeHaan). A staple of the Spidey comics, Harry was without from Webb’s first movie. It will be explained that he has been studying overseas, but is now back and trying to get a good position at OsCorp. Through with his maneuverings, he’s queer as to why OsCorp is so hypnotized with Peter and his deceased parents. This jealousy, I believe, will push Harry to explore his own possible genic enhancements, passing to the "birth" of the Goblin. The Spider-Man 2 trailers have not shied away from showing Spidey fighting Goblin at some point in this sequel. So require a decent chunk of DeHaan, while still setting up the possibility of deeper Goblin action.

See the excellent TV Spots of The Amazing SpiderMan 2

Amazing Spider-Man 2 TV Spot 2 "Everything Changes"

 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 TV Spot 1- "A New Era" 


 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 TV Spot- "Threat" - 


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Newly Arrived The Amazing Spider-Man 2: ★ Exclusively Movie of The Year

Newly Arrived The Amazing Spider-Man 2 exclusively movie of the year 2014 to me because I was eagerly anticipated since 2012 when its first sequel was revealed. Not the day has come and I am very happy to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 full movie. Anyway not only me, billions of fans were also waiting for this film, because our childhood craze was the superhero spider man, for whom we were very anxious after coming from school. Now my daughter goes to school and like me she takes the news when to release this film. I am writing some of my exclusive thoughts for this film. 

Type: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Most Popular
Speech: English
Origin: US
Released On: 2 May 2014
Directed by: Marc Webb
Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx

Rounding off our main villains for Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be Peter’s puerility friend and new nemesis, Harry (Dane DeHaan). A staple of the Spidey comics, Harry was without from Webb’s first movie. It will be explained that he has been studying overseas, but is now back and trying to get a good position at OsCorp. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie download through with his maneuverings, he’s queer as to why OsCorp is so hypnotized with Peter and his deceased parents. This jealousy, I believe, will push Harry to explore his own possible genic enhancements, passing to the "birth" of the Goblin. 

The Spider-Man 2 trailers have not shied away from showing Spidey fighting Goblin at some point in this sequel. So require a decent chunk of DeHaan, while still setting up the possibility of deeper Goblin action. Because … survived to deliver Norman a cure. Rather, it likely leave energy him to become a Goblin, as well. But will he hate Spider-Man because of something tragic that goes on to his son in Amazing Spider-Man 2 Or will be fight beside Harry in future films? Norman stays the braggy mystery of the still-developing Spider-Man saga at Sony, and I think once his part is revealed, several more major pieces will fall into place.

The other big question is, "Will Gwen be here to see these parts fall into place?" And I’m fairly positive the answer is no. Sorry, Emma Stone! Spider-Man readers know what happens when you mix Gwen and the Goblin in the same story. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 full movie download and Peter’s love interest (usually) has to die. Unless you are Sam Raimi, and you drastically rewrite history. Webb belike will not let Gwen live. This major plot of ground point was hinted at near the goal of the first Spider-Man movie, with Denis Leary’s Master Stacy ordering Peter to leave his daughter out of his heroic escapades, because her life would be in danger. 

The latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailers tip their hat to Gwen falling down, but Peter catching up with her. Gwen then is shown gazing back at her fellow… instead of having her narrow snap from the "thwip." Studio apartment legerdemain Rockg preserved for future sequels. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 2014 movie download will be find out in time.

The other popular question is, "Will Gwen be here to see these picks fall into place?" And I’m fairly convinced the answer is no. Gloomy, Emma Stone! Spider-Man readers acknowledge what happens when you mix Gwen and the Goblin in the same story. Peter’s love interest (usually) has to die. Unless you are Sam Raimi, and you drastically rewrite history. 

Webb likely will not let Gwen live. This John Major plot point was suggested at near the end of the first Spider-Man movie, with Denis Leary’s Captain Stacy telling Peter to leave his girl out of his heroic escapades, because her life would be in risk. The latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailers tip their hat to Gwen going down, but Peter catching up with her. Gwen then is shown staring back at her fellow… instead of having her neck snap from the "thwip." Studio deception? Stone being preserved for next subsequences? We’ll find out in time.

Webb isn’t running out. Having put the capstones on his second Spider-Man film, the manager recently supported that he’ll be back for Part Three, making for conclusion to a storyline that he tells me he always saw as a trilogy. Outside that.

 It’s anyone’s infer, though I’d be willing to bet that after 3, Webb will move on to other pictures, and fresh voices will be brought in to explore Spider-Man stories through a Sony brain trust. Drew Goddard, for instance, has been tapped to write that Sinister Six movie. And Spider-Man 2 co-writer Alex Kurtzman would like a crack at Venom.

Are we almost at Six? Possibly, depending upon who stays. The Lizard stays in play, as Ifans’ character didn’t die. Add a Rhino, Goblin plus Electro to the mix, and we’re at four villains. Venom’s a possibility. Cooper could play a second villain. And then, there’s the image above, screen-grabbed from an originally trailer that shows the mysterious mid-credits type walking through OsCorp. He passes Doctor Octopus’ arms, and a clear set of mechanical Vulture wings. That’s more than a tease. It’s a promise. For Possibly Delay tune up believers!

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Film Information: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

One of the best things to happen to fans of genre films, comics and novels in recent years has been the steady dissipation of the idea that cartoons and live-action adaptations of them are necessarily un-grave. But that does not mean that all the stories of science fiction, fantasy and superheroes are necessarily literature. "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," which hits theaters today, is the perfect example of a film that slides into the promise of a big payday.

What makes it worse is that the film is the second in the franchise to miss a good opportunity to tell a story not only of the most striking villains of NYC, but its deeper injustices. Superhero movies do not always have to be about important issues, but rather almost stop trying if the people involved with the credit they want by relevance, without taking responsibility for the management of ideas with substance and seriousness.

The writing and plotting in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is horrible in a way that gives "drawing" a bad name. The characters are constantly coming to England at any time due to the mechanics of the plot require, or tell people not to do the "twisted" things, because that's apparently what the kids say these days. The relationships that have expired decades ago suddenly as strings of characters together fire together.

Lead film writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci announced last week that it would go away on film projects, although roads continue doing television together. It's a shame they did not recognize the decline of his creative association before submitting to "The Amazing Spider-Man 2."

But in one respect, the film has a problem that transcends Kurtzman and Orci's script and the stupidity of his special effects. Like "Spider-Man 3", released in 2007, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" loads up super-villains, at the expense of the most interesting ideas and stories.

The Spider-Man franchise has always been less political and more personal than the Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan, movies or supervised by Joss Whedon Marvel. But that does not mean it lacks a very specific perspective on New York. Parenting modest Peter Parker is a contrast to the wealth of Harry Osborn. Blue collar heroes as crane operators and air traffic controllers have a tendency to appear in large climax.

In "Spider-Man 3", Peter (Tobey Maguire at the time) had a reckoning with Flint Marko (Thomas Hayden Church), the man who killed his Uncle Ben, and subsequently acquired superpowers. Towards the end of the film, we learn that Peter and Marko Ben stole out of financial desperation, driven by their difficulty finding steady work after a period in jail, and that the shooting was an accident. But "Spider-Man 3" did not have time to explore these ideas, Peter duels between the Green Goblin and Venom. It was far worse than a superhero, and as a film in New York, as a result.

The pattern is repeated in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." The most promising antagonist in the film is Max (Jamie Foxx), a put-upon engineer Oscorp. His life is transformed by a chance encounter with Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield now), that saves an incoming car, and tells Max, "You're nobody. You are somebody." For Spider-Man, is pounding. For Max, this is a talisman against the rage he feels for Oscorp steal your generator designs, a head (BJ Novak), he and his crushing loneliness disrespectful.

Max's trip to anyone super-villain could have been a fascinating exploration of race in New York. Before processing, Max is exploited by a large corporation. After he was changed, Max stumbles through the streets of New York in a hoodie, looking either physically or mentally ill. And when he is caught, he becomes a subject of medical research for unscrupulous doctor. Any of these situations could have been an interesting way of how black New Yorkers are treated by large companies when they are employed, when the police are homeless or sick, or medical facility when sick.

Gestures "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" in these ideas occasionally. Max, who is fascinated by the possibility of being recognized and acknowledged, is wonder struck when a news camera projects your image on screen in Times Square. He dreams of the destruction of the power grid that was generated with their designs, but no credit or financial reward. And Max tells the doctor that imprisons him that "Everyone will know what it is to live in my world, a world without electricity. A world without Spider-Man."

The idea is obvious clan kingly, both in relation to the work of Max and his lack of social capital. But give the movie as a whole, the presence of any kind of idea on all counts for a lot. "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" has two other antagonists to treat as well as a story for Peter's father and a romantic subplot that turns Peter into a stalker and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) in a frivolous person . It is so crowded that one of the most iconic comic moments important on that link spoiler, resulted in what should have been a large scale, has almost no room to breathe. Everything in the film drowns.

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" exists primarily to keep the rights to the character back to Marvel. But in a media environment where Marvel and DC have established both intermittent stronger standards for superhero movies, even a piece of commercial theater like this should try to balance superior. Peter Parker and his city both deserve better.